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We understand that managing properties can be tough. Vandalism, maintenance, storm damage and local code enforcement are challenges that can cause havoc with the profitability of any investment.  Let AIM Your Way find unique solutions to increase your value proposition. Sign Up today and find out how we can save you time, money, and improve your ROI.

 Our team of 32,000 contractors are waiting to assist.  Call us.  800-776-1815

 Our team of 32,000 contractors are waiting to assist.  Call us.  800-776-1815


Residential and commercial Analytics

Our teams are specialized in consulting, compliance and analytics that support both residential and commercial real estate.   Do you need to determine if a portfolio is profitable?  What compliance questions should be asked for on-boarding a new vendor?  Should a rental deposit be returned?  Do tarping roofs really protect your asset?  Let us deploy our cost saving consulting and analytics that will drive beneficial solutions.  Our teams are trained to handle all of your real estate needs.    

Contractors, Real Estate Professionals, Consultants, Appraisers & Attorneys

AIM Your Way has been building quality partners for over 30 years.  Our success is a direct result of proven processes that allow for constant communication from our teams in the field. Sign Up now to join our team.


Generations of Experience

With over 30 years of experience, handed down from two generations, AIM Your Way is a woman-owned field services company that understands how to provide a consultative approach in finding unique solutions for a range of business problems.  Our tenured staff has experience analyzing client needs from topics ranging from property inspection results to providing loan portfolio reviews.  Our services allow us to provide a cost savings approach to maintenance suggestions to its clients.  Our proven systems save clients time, money and allow them the freedom to concentrate on what they do best.  Our services might be varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and follow through. AIM Your Way's national team of experienced contractors understand that each property tells a story.  It's our responsibility to capture it and to provide our clients with the necessary tools to preserve and maintain their assets.


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We accept all major credit cards.

We accept all major credit cards.



Good afternoon,

During my 1 on 1 with Ian he expressed how much he appreciated Shakeya. He stated that she performs amazing research on accounts and really goes out of her way to get the information that we need. Becky also let me know last week that Sadie helped her catch an error that she had made and said it felt nice that your team has our back!

Just thought I’d let you know that we really enjoy working with your team and appreciate all that they do for us! Hope you have a great week!
— Top 5 Servicer
You guys are really amazing and we can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you and your teams do for us.
— Brittany A., Top 5 Servicer
I just looked over the eviction photos on 218979 (work order 92852-01), and wanted to mention that the crew did a fantastic job!
(Disclaimer: the crews you hire always do a good job, and I understand there’s only a certain level of “clean” that some houses can get)
But when I saw the “after” photos, I honestly didn’t believe it was the same place!
— Jennifer, FNA
You guys did great.
We appreciate everything you guys did on this file and many others.
— Leah W, Top 5 Servicer
I just received a call from a contractor stating that he has been in the construction business for 30 years and has never seen an inspector so thorough for an inspection. He was very impressed with how he conducted the inspection and called to give him praise and thumbs up! Just thought I would forward this to you! Happy Tuesday!
— Brooke B, Top 5 Servicer


About Me

MY NAME IS Suzanne Golden, CEO

I started working for my dad, many years ago by taping Polaroid photos and hand writing loan numbers on sheets of paper.  Thank goodness technology solutions have modified our current processes.  As I began performing quality assurance inspections in the field, I realized that external processes are significant to our team's performance.  The experiences that I gained were invaluable.  It taught me how important communication is when building a cohesive team,  especially one that considers solutions beyond the ordinary.   


I’ll only work with the best teams available who understand if you are not satisfied with our services, neither are we, and we'll make it right. I strive for honest customer service, which is why we do not have voice mail and if you prefer, you can call or text your customer service representative directly.  We are dedicated to a partnership in helping you achieve excellent results.