About Our Team


I'd like to share our team members with you.

It all started when...

I began working for my Father almost three decades ago by taping Polaroid photos next to hand written loan numbers on sheets of paper.  My Father is now happily retired and I have set a goal of partnering with the best teams available to challenge the way field service operates today.

Anthony Golden, AIM Your Way's President, joined our team in 2014.  His experience as a mortgage loan servicer has been invaluable. Anthony's insight allowed AIM Your Way to create a servicing shop loan summary page in a way that makes sense to our clients.

Stephen Edwards joined AIM Your Way's team mid 2016 as the Senior Vice President of Operations.  Stephen's experience in both a servicing shop and a claims recovery operation have lead him to build solid processes with quality teams allowing for an unparalleled field service experience.

Brittany Cates has rejoined our team as the Assistant Vice President of Operations.  Her operations experience during the 2010 housing crisis was invaluable.  She brings a solid aptitude driving quality results while identifying unique solutions to contractor challenges.

I could go on about our teams, but I fear I would bore you.  Instead, I will summarize it by saying..

"We have a great team waiting to go the extra mile by preventing blight through quality inspections, analysis and maintenance. Let AIM Your Way challenge the way you think about field services."    -Suzanne Golden