Hello Argos! Winter Weather Got You Down?

Argos - Really?  Who comes up with these winter storm names? I suppose it's the beginning of the winter storm season and the name must start with an "A",   In all, its okay, AIM Your Way is ready to take on storm Argos.  Our shovels are dusted off and the snow blowers are ready to blast the walkways clean. 

Is the heat on in your investment properties?  Are your pipes protected from freeze damage?  Have you unhooked your garden hose and winterized your sprinkler system?   Call us.  AIM Your Way has nationwide contractor coverage.  We can help. 

Don't let code violations from not shoveling snow prevent you from earning a return on your investments.  Protect your property with regular inspections, snow removal, and seasonal maintenance. Call us today! 800-776-1815 and ask for Dave.



Suzanne Golden