A Recipe for Disaster

Have you had a terrible experience with a dessert that made you sick? Was it the ingredients or the recipe? Similarly, why do some property inspection & maintenance companies perform while others do not perform or create risk?  Is it the team, the process, or lack of process? 

To answer these questions, you'd have to know how to gather the proper ingredients which can build successful teams.  So, what is the difference between an executive, supervisor, and coordinator?  The answer can determine if you have a recipe for disaster or a masterpiece souffle. 

The difference between roles is the ability to plan and implement processes for the unknown.  Are you partnering with the right team?  If the executives you work with are planning 2-5 years into the future, the managers are planning 1-2 years, and the supervisors are planning 3-12 months into the future, you have a solid foundation for success.  

You may ask, "seriously, why is this important?"  My response is simple.  Regulators, the economy, compliance and technology NEVER stand still. If you are working with teams that do not plan for the unknown, you'd better stock up on antacids because you may be facing a recipe for disaster.  Visit aimyourway.com for a team that delivers quality inspections, maintenance, preservation, and repairs for both commercial and residential properties because we know how to plan for the unknown.