Suicide Rats? Do they lose their will to live?

On a particular day, our contractor was interrupted and simply left TomCat Rat Killer inside a bag in the original package on the floor of the garage so that he could finish a small roof job. His intent was to handle the rat problem after finishing the roof.  AIM's executive team, myself included, make quality trips to as many properties as possible ensuring our services meet AIM's expectations.  At this particular property, I said hello to our contractor, walked through the kitchen into the garage - and yes, I screamed.  There was a dead rat at my feet.  Apparently the rat was so eager to eat his last meal that he chewed a hole through the bag and box. For rat lovers, I am not sure I can say we gave it a proper burial, but I am glad to say there are no more rats at this property. 

Properties that have rat infestations can have electrical, health and safety problems.  And let's be honest, they are disgusting.  During cold weather months they scurry around looking for food and warmth.  I am a firm believer of survival of the fittest.  So, in our quest for a cost effective "rat-be-gone" solution, we endorse TomCat Rat Killer.  While it may be debated that it's not truly a survival of the fittest moment, after all, we are not pulling out our machete or doing hand-to-hand combat - it still requires trips to the property to dispose of the stiff little furry rodents. Wouldn't it be nice if they all offed themselves like that? 

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Suzanne Golden