Friend or Foe? It’s a new year and time to evaluate…

What makes a vendor a great business partner?  Interestingly enough, it’s “time span”.  “Time span” is the ability to plan into the future for the unknown.  According to well-known author, Tom Foster, business owners and senior executives should plan 5-10 years into the future, executives should plan 2-5 years, and managers should plan 1-2 years.  Yet, only a small percentage of the professional population have this ability. 

I encourage everyone to review their contracted service providers.  Are they mitigating risks or are they adding to them?  Any service provider should be able to articulate their business objectives, benchmark goals, and describe measurements for performance.  If planning and mobilizing for the unknown seems like a daunting task, perhaps it’s time to evaluate your service provider. 

Planning for the unknown is vital. Mitigate risk by partnering with AIM Your Way field services.