Property Whisperer or just a monthly inspection?

Many properties have been neglected, abused and if they could talk, I am sure they would tell you more than you'd want to know.  Routine inspections may seem like a simple task, and if they are properly executed, and analyzed, they can tell a full story. 

While field service companies try to capture current condition, the real trick is to find out where the property has been and where it should go.  From the time that an initial secure is documented to each time a property is inspected, a full photo and data review should depict a synopsis of the change of condition over time. 

Mold, roof, and water damage can occur between each monthly visit.  If minor repairs and maintenance are completed on a regular basis, an asset's longevity and overall value will remain intact.

Whether it’s a HUD convey or a rental rehab, proper documentation and analysis of a property’s needs is a critical step in determining if a property should be auctioned, rented or conveyed. Not sure what to do? Call us, we can help! 800-776-1815