What’s the real problem?

If tenants are frustrated at the slowness of their building elevator, and there are no safety/maintenance issues, how does a property manager resolve it?  To replace the elevator for a faster one costs are around $75-150K, and to replace the elevator motor costs are around $20K.  The owner had not budgeted for this type of expense.  So, what’s a viable solution? 

Before spending money, AIM Your Way ensures the problem is accurately defined.  Is the real problem the slowness of the elevator OR is it to resolve tenant frustration?  The Harvard Business Journal reported that if a tenant is given something interesting to look at, such as themselves, then they become distracted and thus, their frustration diminishes.  The costs associated with the installation of mirrors around the elevator is minimal compared to other recommendations.  Once mirrors were installed, magically, tenant frustrations were resolved.

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