How many people can you fit in a cubic yard? What is a cubic yard anyway?

Math Central has a cubic yard defined as: 1 cubic yard = (1 yard)3 = (3 feet)3 = 33 feet3 = 27 cubic feet. The average washing machine is roughly 2/3 the actual volume of a cubic yard, can fit 4 AIM team members and can be difficult to visualize when debris at a vacant property is scattered all over the floor.  To prevent overcharges on debris bids, ensure your preservation partners are effectively trained.   Contact AIM Your Way for all your preservation needs, 800-776-1815.  To read more, visit my blog;

As a side note, my Grandfather who would have been 99 on April 22nd passed away last night.  He was an entrepreneur icon, who owned his own hunting and fishing lodge.   He was lucky enough to live life on his terms.  I admired his tenacity to live a passionate life full of fun and adventure.  I will never forget the humor he brought when he sunk his jeep on a frozen lake in Canada while trying to go ice fishing or when he tried to make my brother and I laugh when we went flying off the sled while being pulled by his snowmobile as it jumped a large snow bank.  I am hopeful that his adventure will live on in the heavens above us.

 We need to remember to color outside of the box once and a while – and have some fun along the way. 

cubic yard.JPG
Suzanne Golden