Is your preservation and inspection provider moving in an uniform direction? No?

Leadership starts at the top and is reflective in a team's performance.  Non-performance can result from misinterpretation of processes, faulty controls, or lack of accountability.  Need a solution?  Give the team 7 Post-it® notes and a Sharpie®. Ask them to Define business success with 2-3 words per Post-it. Hang the Post-its on a wall and group similar Post-its together. You'll be amazed at the variety of responses.  This technique identifies independent directional differences that hinders achieving business goals.  If that doesn't work and you need a national preservation and inspection provider that moves in unison, call AIM Your Way, 800-776-1815.

 (Thanks Ed Burke, Vistage Business Coach for a great speaker featuring Bill Hawfield.) 

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