Cost Savings

Many clients ask how they can reduce fees related to property maintenance.  AIM Your Way has deployed analytics that allow for our clients to benefit from our basic box of tools.  The answer may seem simple, but deploying the solution is slightly more complex.  AIM Your Way partners with the best teams available.  We realize there has been a gap between inspections performed and maintenance completed on a property.  Our analytic team qualifies all work reported as "needed" against known cost savings measures to ensure best practices are always followed. 


 AIM Your Way understands that our network is a representation of you and your business.  In most cases, we utilize specialized partners that can be classified as direct service providers. Our analysis shows that our performance increases with direct communication from us to the service provider.  Our analytics process allows us to rank our contractors by their skill level, weekly capacity, background checks, continuity plan, and document destruction policy. 

Return on Investment

Are you aware that tarping a roof can actually cost more than repairing a roof?  We understand it is not only our responsibility to give our clients choices, but to direct them to cost savings approaches that return more to their bottom line.