Why work with AIM Your Way?


We realize the challenges that come with growing a small business and have developed easy processes to help you get started building a lasting relationship with our team. 

AIM Your Way offers direct deposit, eliminating the waiting period for payment.  While the IRS does require all non-employees to submit invoices to receive payment, our processes are simple and our system allows for easy invoice upload during the work submittal process.  Additionally, we have developed a spreadsheet template that allows contractors to email regular spreadsheets to our accounting team.

Many contractors have concerns over designated volume.  Our portal allows you to control your weekly capacity within each category of service.  As you grow your company, you have the freedom to adjust your volume.  In addition, you have the freedom to add or remove zip codes as your coverage area expands or contracts. 

Occasionally you may decide to travel outside of your regular area of coverage.  Going on a mini vacation, and would like to combine business with pleasure?  Why not slip in a few inspections along the way?  Once you sign up with AIM Your Way and login, you will be able to view available work along your route. 

OUR relationship with YOU is IMPORTANT.  We recognize that YOUR performance is OUR performance. 

We appreciate and value your feedback.  Feel free to reach us at vendormanagement@aimyourway.com.


We have been with AIMYOURWAY for approximately 5 years and value them above other clients we work for because with AIM we work WITH them as a valued partner. Partnerships and trust are difficult to come by, but we have lasted due to the ability to reach out to an individual and get a response.

With other companies we are just a work order waiting to be fulfilled. With AIM we are recognized as important individuals sometimes wrong sometimes right but AIM can call me 24/7 or I can call them and have a respectful conversation and feel as we are all one family down to the receptionist (Name Redacted).

This is a company to persevere with through good and bad as we feel we belong and are committed to common goals.

AIM is a company to be respected and I appreciate the ability to be able to pick up the phone and speak with the receptionist or the president of the company on LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.
— Karen Claiborne, Claiborne Services
My Company has been doing inspections since the early 90’s... I have worked for most of the major “national” companies throughout this time and I wanted to share with you how pleasurable it is to do work for Aim Your Way!

At a NAMFS convention in Orlando a few years ago a fellow business owner mentioned “Aim” and spoke glowing of it as a company to work for.

I contacted AYW and gradually began to do inspections. The feedback was great, I got a report showing I was on time and gradually got more and more work from you.

Your staff has routinely been courteous and patient, so much so that after many aborted attempts to break into the preservation side of the mortgage field service industry I took the bold step of asking for some preservation work from AIM.

We started with a couple of lawn cuts and then worked into tree trimming and other easy stuff, and again the awesome people in BATF were VERY helpful.

Many in BATF had to walk us through some of the “minefields” of doing preservation work which was such a relief to us.

I feel we have a long way to go before I have stable crews to handle more preservation, but meanwhile staff such as you Stephanie and Marissa who I spoke with recently have continued to give my company encouragement and patience.


I am writing this to in a small way pass on a THANK YOU that is more than just words..
— Denny Camara, President Camara Home Improvement, Inc.