Regular inspections are a great way to keep up with property condition.  With our dynamic forms feature, we are able to modify inspection questions on the fly.  Do you need to know what the VIN number is on a portfolio of mobile homes or how many properties have animals?  Our team has you covered. 

AIM Your Way is able to inspect, analyze and act. 


Upon account set up and during our on-boarding process, we will ask several questions to help determine how we can better service your properties. Any time your needs change, we encourage you to contact us to modify the inspections forms. Would you like to repair estimates on your inspections?  No problem.  The change is just a few clicks away.


Data Analytics continuously looks for systematic ways to improve our service while trimming expenses for our clients.  They consider simple tasks to those that are more complex.  Have you ever wondered why our competitors recommend winterizing in Miami? So have we.  We'll take a look at your processes, trim your expenses and work towards your goal.


If we design a great inspection and analyze its data points, what is your return on investment if we don't act? Let us tell you where your high crime areas are so that we can perform more frequent inspections.  As a result, we can increase protection on those specific high crime assets and mitigate your overall portfolio risk.